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The workshops were sold out with rave reviews!


Past Workshops





We hosted 2 outstanding workshops with Virginia!

11:15a - 1:15p               Raks Assaya

The heartbeat of Egypt lies in the Saidi rhythm and its dance form. Rak your Assaya with Virginia as she teaches you authentic Saidi steps mixed her modern signature Saidi style. She will incorporate a mix of steps taken from the men's Tahtib as well as feminine combinations that you can use in your Saidi routines or even in your Oriental pieces when the rhythm arises. This class will give you classic cane technique, twirls, and tricks along with Virginia's newest creations. Steps & combinations with a clear breakdown of proper technique will be combined to create a choreography you can perform! Gain a clear understanding of its history, costuming, cultural significance and relevance while capturing that true Egyptian feeling!


2:00p – 4:00p            The Dynamics of Dancing

"Dance Inspired!" Utilizing Virginia's methodology of her own 7 qualities of dance she will give you the dancer the inside secrets to performing a show filled with dynamics, emotional expression, and breath-taking interpretations. With the music as our guide, Virginia will use combinations set to particular parts of music to give you insight into how to hear the music, how to feel it with your body, and how to incorporate the 7 different qualities needed in order to create an unforgettable performance. Take yourself, your dancing, and your interpretation of the music to a whole new level! Hear it, see it and feel it, and dance it in a whole new way!